Myanmar (Burma) - is the largest country in mainland southeast asia with a land area of 676,577 sq kilometres, is approximately the size of England and France combined, it stretches some 2.200 K/m North to South and 925 K/m East to West. 

Three parallel chains of mountain ranges from North to South divide the country into three river systems - the Ayeyarwady, the Sittoung and the ThanLwin. The boardering countries with Myanmar are Thailand to its southeast, Laos to the east, China to the northeast and India to the northwest. The bay of bengal is in the west and the Indian Ocean to the southwest, the Andaman Sea is south of Yangon (Rangoon). 

Myanmar's climate is tropical monsoon with three seasons - Hot, Rainy and Dry.The hot season is from mid February to mid May, the rainy season from mid May to mid October and the dry (cool) season from mid October to mid February. The country's population is in excess of 60 million of which approximately 5 million reside in Yangon (Rangoon) and nearby metropolitan arears. Myanmar is made up of many ethnic nationalities. 

The former capital (Rangoon) was created by the British and the Indians rather than the Burmese, the city dates back to 1852 when British firms were brought in to develop trade and the economy of the 'new' found colony, workers and businessmen followed in large numbers to take advantage of newfound opportunities. 

The Burmese remained a minority of the country's populace until after receiving independence from the British in January 1948. Yangon (Rangoon) is a picturesque but crowded city, heavy damage caused by World War 2 has mostly been repaired, however due to limited financial resources, maintanence and upkeep of buildings and infrastructure such as rail, roads, telecommunications and electricity generation have proved more difficult. 

Myanmar (Burma) today stands ready to welcome foreign businessmen and visitors to its shores, the country is a paradise to discover, a destination for travellers to explore and experience the mystical charms of the east in all its diversity, rich archaeological sites, glittering pagodas, a wealth of cultures, colourful festivals and the arts. 

The country is blessed with an awe-inspiring range of natural beauty and sites, idyllic landscape mountains, pristine beaches washed by crystal clear waters, fragrant pine trees and sunflowers bathed in abundant sunshine but most of all perfectly complemented by a gracious and hospitable people. The people in this land are excellent hosts, you will always be welcome as a guest in any Myanmar home, they love a good joke and delight in spending the evening with friends over a meal and a pot of tea, exchange stories with amusing anecdotes. 

Yangon (Rangoon) is considered the Garden City of the East and the gateway to the country. Adorned with idyllic lakes, shady parks and green tropical vegetation, it is friendly and welcoming, in addition Yangon (Rangoon) is a bustling business city.


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