Myanmar's Foreign Trade:

Natural gas topped the country's exports with nearly $ 800 million followed by agricultural produces, gem, forest and marine products. Meanwhile, fuel stood first in its imports, followed by raw textile products, machinery and spare parts, palm oil, motor vehicles, iron and steel, plastic products, pharmaceutical products and food and beverage. In the fiscal year 2011-12, Myanmar’s foreign trade reached $18.15 billion U.S. dollars, with exports at $9.09 billion and imports at $9.053 billion. 


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The Myanmar Mining Summit in Yangon delivered a comprehensive outlook for mining opportunities and information via official talks by Ministry officials. The event presented by experts from the private sector such as gold mining companies, foreign investors and others. In addition there were specialised workshops designed to present in-depth information on investments, JVs, project financing, geological details and other details pertaining to the Mining Industry.


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Mining Companies in Australia continue to show interest in Myanmar's Mining sectors, some have appointed KPC & G International as consultants to explore mining ventures and to arrange the necessary introductions to private and government mining in the country. The areas of interest are in the vicinity of the Mandalay Division of Upper Myanmar. The mining arears are in Mogok, Kathe and Kyatpyin some 145 K/ms north of Mandalay. 


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