Hpa-An is the Capital of the Kayin State in Myanmar, a six hour road trip from Yangon (Rangoon). The state offers relaxation and the opportunity to explore the magnificent countryside with limestone caves and soaring peaks. Known as the rocky mountains of Myanmar with it's extraordinary shape of Mount Zwegabin a symbol of peace, the mountain is over 1,000 meters (3,281 ft) above sea level. Hpa-An welcomes visitors and tourist to its city. 


KPC & G International (Thailand) CEO and Executives selecting the best location for construction of their Offices and Factories in Hpa-An, Kayin State.

  Joint Venture meetings being conducted with the Ministry

The Ministry has announced the prices for the plots in the Hpa-An industrial zone, which has been under implementation since September 2011.

In Zone One, a first-grade plot costs K 45 million; a second-grade plot, K 40 million; and a third-grade plot, K 37.5 million. In Zone Two, a first-grade plot is sold for K 30 million, a second-grade plot for K 25 million, and a third-grade plot for K 20 million. In Zone Three, the prices for the first, second and third grades are K 25 million, K 22.5 million and K 20 million respectively. The prices mentioned are for per acre.

In Zone Four, plots measuring 80ft by 80ft cost K 4m, K 3.5m and K 3m, depending on their grades.

The Hpa-An industrial zone is about 1,000 acres wide, and plans are under way to double its area.

A local businessman said the industrial zone is expected to create job opportunities for migrant workers coming back from Thailand, where record floods last year forced local factories and companies to stop their operations.

Thanlwin Ayar Company is developing the Hpa-An industrial zone project. Industries range from consumer goods to agriculture, transport and mining. Measures are being taken to ensure an adequate supply of electricity as well as road safety in the zone.


CEO Mr Chaipatanakit (Thailand) and Banking Executive Mr Flynn (Australia) inspect sugar plantations with local farmers in Hpa-An together with Ministry officials.

                         Part of the city of Hpa-An 



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